Specialist Disability Accommodation

NDIS approved accommodation


Specialist Disability Accommodation

Spacious contemporary designs


Specialist Disability Accommodation

LHA Platinum standard properties


Specialist Disability Accommodation

Customised for SIL Provider Needs


Specialist Disability Accommodation

Functional & adaptable designs


Specialist Disability Accommodation

Independent living, robust & high physical support

Live the life you want…

Making Specialist Disability Accommodation accessible & affordable

SDA Australia Group sources and facilitates Specialist Disability Accommodation for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Our homes, villas, and apartments are all built to accord with the NDIS Specialist Disability Accomodation (SDA) Design Standards 2020.

All accommodation categories constructed meet the NDIS SDA Design Standards 2020 Platinum or Silver Standard as a minimum. Each dwelling is tailored to meet required levels of accessibility and support across the spectrum of High Physical Support, Fully Accessible, Improved Liveability and Robust.

Our paramount focus is to match clients with accommodation that best supports their lifestyles.

SDA Australia Group offers a fully integrated solution to service providers and participants to source and make possible accommodation needs now and into the future.  We want you to have a new home for all the right reasons, a home that suits your needs perfectly, without compromise ….

NDIS support

With the recent introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS),  accommodation options are focused on delivering the best outcome to meet specific needs of residents .

SDA Australia Group is NOT a SIL provider so we are best placed to solve accommodation requirements for service providers and their clients in a confidential professional manner.

Let us help tailor your requirement for Specialist Disability Accommodation.

Wheelchair Bedroom
Disabled Kitchen Independent Living

Independent living, Robust & High physical support

SDA Australia Group properties are custom designed to allow easy access and mobility once inside whilst incorporating specific support needs.

Dwellings are constructed to high standards with the safety of occupants and  the community paramount.

All products, materials and features accord with the NDIS SDA Design Standards 2020 ensuring dwellings can cope with heavy use to minimise the risk to occupants and the community. This also reduces the requirement for ongoing maintenance.

Functional adaptable designs

SDA Australia Group’s customised designs are inherently functional; easily adaptable and suitably geographically located.

Accessibilty and manoeuvrability as a main design focus ensures comfort and safety by utilising step-free spacious areas with ground floor bathrooms and toilets.

Disability Bedroom
Independent Living

Customised design service

SDA Australia Group properties provide flexibility to accommodate the needs of participants and their family situation.

The design process involves one-on-one consultation to ensure the planning of your accommodation is innovative yet practical for your needs and aspirations, and we understand that these needs can be complex and evolving.

That’s why we work with you to design a home that will grow and evolve with your lifestyle.

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